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The Rumor of Death is Totally Untrue.

The recent rumors reporting that micro 4/3 format is going to be dropped by Panasonic and Olympus is totally untrue and a very bad April fools joke. The joke was reported when it was April 1st in Japan. This type of false reporting does our industry no good and a lot of harm. In this Internet age any kind of speculation can be drawn to the maximum exposure. Why people are doing this escapes me. There is no reason for this kind of stupidity.

Pundits have been writing about the death of micro 4/3 format for many years now and the cameras have gotten much better, more interesting and with the GH4 an incredible bargain. There is no reason for Panasonic or Olympus to abandon the micro 4/3 format. The financial reports that I saw from both of these companies were not that far off of their expectations. One Panasonic rep told me that the GH3 has been a good seller and they're very happy. With all of the preorders for the GH4 I expect it to be even a better seller. We, the consumer are getting incredible value for our money. Also these cameras are the best DSLR like cameras to shoot video and Panasonic knows that.

Even with out the GH4, I have one of the Best cameras I have ever owned with the GH3. Would I be sorry if this ugly rumor proves to be true and there are going to be no more micro 4/3 cameras? Yes, but I already have what I need to get the job done and I am very satisfied with what I have. I could live with what I have for quite sometime and I don't think that Olympus or Panasonic are stupid companies. Killing micro for thirds would be just plain stupid.

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