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It Is In The Cards

I don't know if you have had as much trouble with cheap SD cards as I have. I have a couple of Patriot 16gig cards that have fallen apart or are very cracked. The write protect switch has fallen off so the card can't be written too. My ADATA cards don't keep speed even though they have a Class 6 on them. Flimmsy little guys. I have even had problems with Kingston and Transend cards with the hack. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
A Different Card
I decided I wanted to be dealt a different card, one that is durable, fast and will last. Enter the Hoodman RAWSTEEL SDHC Card. It is an ULTRA HIGH SPEED card that meets UHS-1 Specifications.  They are the World's only Steel Plated/Ruggedized SDHC Card.
Hoodman claims that they are waterproof and they come with a Lifetime warranty. The SDHC cards come in 8, 16, & 32 GB sizes. I bought the 16 GB cards. My first one was $89 a little while ago and the latest was $49. Like all memory, prices change.
How have I been dealt
These cards are great. They seem very durable in that the contacts and the memory are one unit unlike other cards. The plastic feels harder. With the old cards, most GH2 hacks would burp and the camera would stop or freeze. With these Hoodman cards I have not had any problems. I can use the 44mb hack in the GH2 without any problems. I have recorded over an hour continuously on the card with a problem. I have reserved these cards for demanding assignments and most of my video shooting. I highly recommend these cards as they are not really that expensive for a peace of mind.

Hoodman's website.

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