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GH2 – Wind Noise No More


Foam Windscreen on GH2

Most HDLR's have the mic on the body of the camera and most are monaural.  One of the really cool things about the GH2 is the built-in stereo mic.  I am really glad that Panasonic put the stereo microphone on the pop up flash of the GH2.  It is wonderful to have cool ambient sound with my videos.  I did the Irrigation Festival Parade with the built-in mic but no windscreen.  I just set the camera up near the parade announcers.  There was some wind noise and I started looking for a solution.  I now have a windscreen on my onboard microphone.

I was looking for something to put on the mic with the flash not popped up.  Just to cover the top of the camera.  Somewhere I had read that some one had popped the flash up to put a windscreen on it.  I put a foam windscreen from a small mic I had and it seemed to help but I wanted something better.

Micover on GH2

Micover on the GH2

So now I was looking for the perfect windscreen.  There where some foam screens for small mic's and recorders with mic's.  I wanted something like a dead cat cover I had seen on shotgun mic's.   Or as some call them, “fuzzy bunnies.”  These screens have the best wind resistance.

In my search I found a company that sells all type of windscreens – Micover.com.  Then, I had decide which one would work best with the GH2.  I ordered a screen that is designed for the Panasonic HVX 200's on-board mic: Micover Slipover-Mini for Panasonic AG-HVX200A (On-Board) [MC-HVX-ONB] It cost about $20 and was sent out to me.

After some tests, I have to say the Micover HVX On-board Slipover Series works great.  We had a fair amount of wind where I live so I could test it right away.  I have done a demo video with and with out the windscreen.

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