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Just bought a second 60D


Canon 60D no lens

I like the camera so much I bought another one. As some of you know, I shoot most of my video with a Canon 60D. I have been wanting a second camera for a while now. Back in the film “daze” I always had at least two cameras (2 different types of film), sometimes the same bodies. Well now I have it again. Having the same body makes it easy to switch cameras. I thought about the Canon Rebel T3i but don't like the sone it makes when shooting stills and the viewfinder is too small. (Note the video side should be fine) The cost difference is not bad and I can use the same battery. I also considered a non Canon camera, the Panasonic GH2 which some say is better for video. That camera was hard to find. Not many of the dealers have it. I have yet to my hands on one. At NAB it was not shown because it is sold through the consumer division and I did not see one at the show. Most of their Image Stabilized lenses are too slow in the aperture department and I love IS lenses.

For me the Canon 60D has been the best camera for what I do. Video and stills. It is the best camera for video Canon makes in my opinion because of the size of the sensor, the manual controls including audio and the swivel LCD. Most of the newer cameras have not improved the video enough for me to buy them. It is also a pretty good still camera as well. It is a nice compromise of both. I have already done a shoot with both where one was a wide shot and the other was more tighter on a person doing a intro to the program I am currently working on.

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One Response to Just bought a second 60D

  1. John Paget says:

    I love having two Canons. My 5D plus the 60D (purchased upon your excellent recommendation). I actually like having the combo of full frame and crop sensor. I do a lot of shoots with a 70-200mm on the 60D, and the 16-35mm on the 5D. Extreme tight shots and extreme wide angle – without having to swap lenses.