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CrumplePop’s Take on FCP X

This just came in from CrumplePop makers of some great FCP Plug-ins: Here is the complete article:

“A lot of you have been asking about FCP X, and what we think about it. Here is the answer for you:

Conclusion: In a Year, Most Professional Editors will be Using FCP X

As developers for FCP, we have a strong bias in favor of FCP’s continued success. That said, we had spent much of the year prior to FCP X’s release expecting that we might have to leave the platform. We were hearing the same rumors that everyone else was – that FCP X would be another iMovie, wouldn’t be pro, etc. – and we were ready to bail. Happily, we don’t have to. While there are obviously missing features (like a comprehensive redo of Compressor), the foundation of FCP X is extremely solid. FCP X, for the reasons listed above, is going to be what most professional editors use to edit. Maybe not tomorrow, but likely within a year. In many ways, FCP X is ten steps forward, three steps back. It’s not perfect, but as a company, we’re comfortable betting everything on it.”

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