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Apple is refunding pros for Final Cut Pro X

That's right, Apple is doing something unusual – refund for software from the App Store. I applied for one and got. Most Pros are very unhappy with Final Cut Pro X. The Pro community has been suspect of Apple for sometime now that they have been mostly a consumer company. This release has sealed the deal on that. It is not PRO. Apple has added insult to injury by discontinuing Final Cut Pro 7 and the other apps. FCP has the largest user base in the world for video editing on a computer. By not supporting the previous release of the product in FCP X, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

FCP X is missing so many professional features it should be called iMovie Pro. I can see Adobe and Avid clapping as they will be getting a lot of whole new customers. I have never seen Apple handle a software release so badly.

RABERCO: The Destruction of Final Cut Studio from Raber Umphenour on Vimeo.

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