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Common Twitter hashtag for HDSLR at NAB = #NABhdslr

This was posted by Mitch over at Planet 5D

common twitter hashtag for HDSLR at NAB = #NABhdslr
Posted on 07. Apr, 2011 by planetMitch in Other

If you’re going to NAB and are posting about HDSLR, please use the #NABhdslr hashtag! We’ve contacted other bloggers and twitter friends and proposed using this tag for the benefit of everyone who is interested in HDSLR gear.
For those who can’t go to NAB, NAB is an insanely big show and if you only look for the ‘official’ #nabshow tag, you’ll also be flooded with broadcast stuff you may not be interested in! Having a specific HDSLR hashtag (#NABhdslr) should make it easy for readers to find NAB HDSLR posts.

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