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The King’s Speech to Be Re-Edited? Update – YES

Just read an article on www.reelzchannel.com which is bad for filmmakers. They want to re-edited the “The Kings Speech” to get a PG-13 rating. THIS IS TOO BAD! The MPAA is a crock ‘O sh*t. “The Kings Speech” is not an R rated film. The “The Dark Knight” IS and was rated PG-13. Hollywood has an incredible bias against Foreign Films. I have seen so many films from overseas that should have not been rated R like “Topsy-Turvy” about Gilbert & Sullivan. They should simply resubmit the film for what it should be rated, PG-13. Even my 90 year old mother asked, “Why is this film rated R?” A few swear words? You hear these words on television now. Where's the sex, where's the violence? There is none!

Now back to that scene. It would dramatically change the film. Oh well it is only a film. NOT!

Films are part of our culture. They should never be censored, that is up to the filmmakers not the MPAA. I remember when Spielberg added the word, “Penisbreath” to “ET” to get a PG rating instead of the dreaded G. It was out of place in the film and you could tell the actors were uncomfortable saying it. Only for the MPAA. (By the way the filmmakers re-edited “ET” to take away the gun's and put in walkie talkies to make it “more kid friendly”. The blanding of society.

The MPAA was established because films were no longer being made for all audiences and the prudish people were complaining. If you don't want to see these films, don't watch them. The ratings today need to be about what is in the film. I would prefer to know about violence instead of swearing or sex. If they have these things tell us so but let us make up our own minds if we want to see them.

I am surprised the Weinstien Company would edit this film because normally they distribute R-Rated films anyways. Most of them because of violence. I guess because very few Academy Award winning films have been R-Rated and the bets are on the it will take the Oscar for best picture that they have decided to do this. Shame on them.

I just read on the Indiwire that yes it is going to be edited.

Deadline reveals that no footage from the film was edited, but instead, the Weinsteins got clearance for PG-13 by muting three of the five prominent “Fucks” in the film. So: 2 fucks good, 5 fucks bad. And who says the MPAA are ridiculous?

Well, it looks like Harvey Scissorhands is gonna get his way. Last month, it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein was entertaining the notion of snipping/editing “The King’s Speech” so it could get a much more box office friendly and school children approved PG-13 rating. As a whole, the film is pretty harmless, but the big sequence in question was a scene in which the titular king launches into a tirade of expletives during a session with his speech therapist resulting in a string of 15 f-bombs. And while director Tom Hooper swore he wasn’t going to take a knife to his film, somebody has, and the edited version of the movie has been given the thumbs up by the MPAA.”

Here is the latest.

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