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NAB is Over – An Overall Video Report

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention just concluded in Las Vegas.  One of the reasons I go to NAB is to meet up with old friends and make new ones. It was great to see them and compare notes.  I saw the latest and greatest.  I will be filing some 20+ reports. I saw trends at the show that are encouraging to frugal filmmakers.  The technology is getting better.  Also, Micro Four Thirds saw a significant new camera from Black Magic Design.  One guy had a GH3 on a steady cam like rig.  4K was everywhere.  In the Sony … Continue reading

Frugal Will Be At NAB This Year, Will You?

Frugal will be t NAB this year, will you?  That’s right it is that time again when to get out your walking shoes.  There are miles of exhibit floor to explore for to interview exhibitors about the latest and greatest for the Frugal Filmmaker.  Monday thru Wednesday we will be wandering the halls. A little background on the NAB show.  The National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas is the biggest media convention of the year.  NAB is one of the biggest conventions to hit Las Vegas.  91,000+ media and entertainment professionals from 150+ countries; 63 delegations attend. They … Continue reading

Apple Aims To Win Over Video Editors

The LA Times featured an article about how Apple is starting to win back video editors.  They don’t need to for me as FCPX has become my editor of choice. “The backlash over Apple’s redesign of Final Cut Pro video editing software two years ago was so severe that even slashing the price by $700, to $299, caused an uproar.” Doddleme also has an article.  “Here at doddle, both the co-founder Jim Robertson and I are big fans of Final Cut Pro X, and I often post video tutorials from both Ripple Trainingand Larry Jordan. We feel that FCP X is the fastest, most … Continue reading

Bought the Nik Software Suite for Huge Discount

  For those of you who do photography as well as motion pictures, Google has reduced the price of the entire Nik image software suite from $499 to just $149.  There are coupon codes allegedly giving further savings.  If you do purchase the collection enter the code DZISER at checkout for an additional 25% off. If you purchased one of the programs recently they’ll give you the rest for free.  This comes with an assurance from Google that the famous imaging tools aren’t going to be abandoned (Google acquired Nik last fall—primarily, it was widely believed, to get Snapseed. That … Continue reading

Oly 45mm f1.8 Mini Review – This is a Great Lens

One of my mini reviews at Adorama Camera. When I bought this lens, I really did not think that I really needed it. I was wrong. I use this lens a lot. It is small, compact, lightweight and is in my bag always. If i what low depth of field, this is a great lens for this.  Did I mention that it is sharp. Yes. The other usage it is getting is for video. It is a great interview lens because of the low depth of field. The background blur is wonderful. I am not using it as much because … Continue reading

Adorama White 20″ Umbrella

Originally submitted at Adorama Adorama White, 20″ Umbrella with Universal Swivel Holder Adorama White 20″ Umbrella with Universal Swivel Holder Nice By halfmac from Pacific Northwest on 3/26/2013 4out of 5 Pros: Durable, Reliable, Easy To Use, Lightweight Best Uses: Macro Photography, Landscape Photography, Traveling, Studio, Home, Everyday use, Portraits Describe Yourself: Professional Was this a gift?: No I needed another umbrella for my LED lights and this was at a good price so I bought it. It turned out a little smaller than I thought it would be but it still works just fine. The swivel holder does not … Continue reading

A Bright Idea

F&V R-300 5600K LED RING LIGHT There is new light flicker-free for photography and video, with an excellent quality light coming from it at an excellent price, so we picked up 2 of them them.  F&V is the company behind the popular Z96 LED video light and they have one exciting product that is now available, the R-300 LED Video Ring Light.  Perfect for portraits, interviews, or any scene calling for a soft, full light. Starting at $199 dollars, the R-300 LED Light features 300 daylight-balanced LEDs which produce 1950 Lux @ 1-meter. With this output, the ring light is equivalent … Continue reading

Lumix 12-35mm Shakiness

I received an email recently from a member on Vimeo that his Lumix 12-35 mm F2.8 lens had a stability problem even when the image stabilization was off while shooting on a tripod. Here’s a link to his video. I decided to test my lens to see if it had the same problem. My lens has the 1.1 firmware. The following video is the test that I conducted with my GH3 and my GH2, plus a test of the Lumix 35-100.

Another Place To Speak

The good folks over a Small Camera Big Picture have asked me to become a contributor. I have liked their blog for a long time and like mine, it primarily focuses on micro 4/3 cameras. Today they have introduced me as a contributor. I plan to keep this blog going as well as contributing to their blog. Here’s a link to my introduction over at Small Camera Big Picture.

Panasonic Is Listening

Bad GH3 Viewfinder

As many of you know, I now own the Panasonic GH3. But it did not start out the way I had planned. Something Odd In early December Kenmore Camera called me and said that the camera was available, so I ordered it and it arrived on my doorstep the next day. They told me they had six cameras and I was getting the last one. I didn’t have a chance to look at the camera as we had company at our house that afternoon. That evening when I finally looked at the camera the electronic viewfinder (EVF) looked very odd. The image … Continue reading