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A Long Journey

I have not liked a camera so much since my Nikon F3 film camera.  My Nikon F3s were used for almost 20 years.  This is a lifetime in digital.  When I put the beloved F3s and all it’s lenses on eBay I moved to digital.   I have used quite a few digital cameras since 2001.  Spending over a $100 a month on film and processing I was willing to change.  Another reason I started doing digital photography was because, I had been manipulating images in the computer for sometime with Photoshop and other programs and I was scanning film … Continue reading

GH3 News Reporting

I have been using my Panasonic GH3 for news reporting for some time now.  As a former news photographer I was asked by our local radio station to shoot new stories for their YouTube channel.  I must say that this camera is an ideal camera for news reporting.  Great, weight, size, convenience, electronic viewfinder, image stabilization, No Rig, one shot auto focus, low depth of field, great audio, headphone monitoring, wonderful MOV codec at All-I 70, long life battery.  In Final Cut Pro X the footage is ready for editing right out of the camera and Final Cut loves the All-I 70 … Continue reading

An Unplugged Wedding

How many times has a shot been ruined by an amateur photographer at a wedding. Especially those who use flash. These amateurs are always in the way. They make too much noise. And are not respectful of this occasion. With the explosion of gadgets this is more of a problem. It is time for unplugged wedding. Over at PetaPixel, photographer Cory Ann has a very good article state of wedding photography today. “I don’t have a single problem with guests taking images and sharing them later on with the couple. It makes me happy to know there will be other … Continue reading

NAB 2013 – Glidecam

While wandering the halls at NAB 2013, I visited the Glidecam booth. I talked with David Stevens, the chief executive officer.  I found out that I had one of the original Glidecams as mine is made of wood.  He showed some nice new products including the Glidecam HD1000.  For more information on these items, see http://www.glidecam.com

Adobe Now Renting Their Software

On the first page of Abobe’s website. “We believe the creative process can be better. We believe your tools can do more. Imagine fonts, files, projects and teams always in sync. Inspiration exactly when you need it. Sharing, collaborating, and publishing to anyone, everywhere. Creative Cloud will change everything.” With this announcement it has. With an all-subscription model that Adobe announced it is moving to, delivering only through its Creative Cloud from now on, which is not very welcome to some users and has many users concerned. Moving forward, Adobe will focus creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud … Continue reading

NAB 2013 – JuicedLink

While at NAB 2013, I was able to visit with Robert Rozak from Juicedlink.  I met him two years ago at NAB 2011.  One of the cool things about going to NAB is that you meet people that create products that you that you use.  I have been a user of his mixers for many years and am very happy with the products he makes. He was able to show me some new products, the JuicedLink Riggy Micro 3 and the JuicedLink Riggy Assist 3XLR Low-Noise Preamp.

NAB 2013 – Panasonic Shows A Powerhouse

As many of you know I now use the Panasonic GH3 for my video camera. So it was natural to visit the Panasonic Broadcast booth at NAB 2013. What I saw there made me surprised because they did not feature the Panasonic GH2 at NAB 2011.  I was told that it was from their commercial division so they did not feature it.  I searched all around NAB 2011 to see the GH2 but it was nowhere to be found.  I had to wait till I got back to my home to see the GH2 at a photo show.  I was glad … Continue reading

NAB 2013 – Blackmagic Cinema Camera

At NAB 2013, Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema Camera made headlines for its value proposition and an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount rounding out a very solid spec list. Also they showed their new 4K Cinema Camera. Frugal talked to Blackmagicdesign about these new cameras. Pre-Order your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera here.  Pre-Order the 4K Blackmagic Cinema Camera here.