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The Last Days of the DSLR

GH3 Front

I have already written how I have converted to mirrorless.  It is nice when others are realizing the same thing.  A recent article on this is featured on Gizmodo called “The Last Days of the DSLR”.  But, one of the points of this article misses the mark.  The author seems to get excited by Sony’s new entry – the A7. “The final step for mirrorless hegemony is tackling the high end. Sony will soon ship its milestone A7 series, two compact mirrorless bodies with full-frame sensors, the lynchpin of top-tier camera bodies and the harbingers of the DSLR’s doom. They are, … Continue reading

Four Types of Final Cut Pro X People

I have taken a pause from this blog to focus on work and some upgrades to my gear including a new computer.  During this time I have done a lot of traveling and will be blogging about my adventures. To get things started I am reposting an article close to my heart from FCP.co As many of you know I love Final Cut Pro X and do most of my work now in it.  For me it is the fastest and best editor out there.  I do fall into the first catagory of FCPX people. “1) THE PEOPLE WHO GET … Continue reading

Giulio Sciorio Visits Kenmore Camera

Lumix Luminary Giulio Sciorio was at Kenmore Camera on Thursday, Aug. 28th, 2013.  He brought along the new Lumix GX-7 as part of a tour of the northwest.  He is the owner of Small Camera Big Picture, a blog about mirrorless cameras of which I am a guest blogger from time to time.  Fellow SCBP blogger Paula Thomas was there as well. It was great to meet them and chat about all things photography. Later that evening he gave a course at Glazers Camera in Seattle on Hybrid Photography.

The GH3 does Kickstarter – Update: Funded!

I was approached by a long time friend and brilliant artist to help with his Kickstarter campaign.  Ross Matteson has created a sculpture dedicated to 9/11/2001.  He asked me to create a video for the project to be used on the Kickstarter page.  I worked very closely with him to tell a story that he wanted to tell. My interview with him was shot in his studio with my Lumix GH3 and the Lumix G X 35-100mm f2.8 lens.  I used my F&V R-300 LED Ringlights for the lighting with umbrellas.  I shot the interview with the 72 All-I .mov … Continue reading


GH3 Front

Amazon has a deal on the GH3. Click here for details. The GH3 is the camera that I use and are very pleased with.  It is small, and lightweight. This camera was redesigned with a Magnesium Alloy Frame along with Dust and Splash Proof seals. It is very clean at high ISO and does an excellent job in low light. The media is SDHC allows you to work with cheaper media. The camera shoots in 72Mbps [All-Intra] MOV for high quality footage to grade in post and AVCHD when high quality compressed footage is wanted. There is built in Wi-Fi to be … Continue reading

NAB2013 – F&V Report

As many of you know Frugal has been using F&V Lighting R-300 LED Light for sometime. (Here is the report.)  Frugalfillmmakers.com is an affiliate of F&V Lighting because they make very good equipment for the frugal filmmaker.  It was great to see them at NAB.  We stopped by the F&V Lighting booth and talked with Connor Hartnett.  The new Camera Slider is now available. Also is the new F3 LCD Monitor is coming soon.

21st Century Camera?

GH3 with X 35-100 f2.8

Two years ago I ditched the mirror for a mirrorless camera. I sold all my Canon gear and bought into Panasonic.  I did it at first for the video capabilities.  Not anymore.  There have been predictions from the beginning that Micro Four Thirds and mirrorless cameras would never really catch on.  The latest comes from The New York Times, the USAToday and Dan Carr at the ProPhoto Coalition. In the article Nikon Cuts Full-Year Profit Target as Mirrorless Cameras Lose Their Shine, it misses the point.  The Nikon 1 series of cameras don’t have the advantage of the larger sensors of Micro Four … Continue reading

We Must Go Fourth!

Light Speed on Train Mountain

Normally this blog does not go into political matters but it is based in the United States.  Today we celebrate our independence.  But lately this has been challenged by unlimited snooping of our federal government.  The Fourth Amendment clearly outlaws warrantless surveillance. AMENDMENT IV to the Constitution of the United States: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or … Continue reading

The Shape of Cinema

How did they come up with 16:9 aspect ratio for HDTV. Watch this fascinating history lesson on how the aspect ratios we know (16:9, 4:3) became the standard of what we watch.  It’s a lovely journey back where things can become standard by just doing it for a very long time. You will see how 16:9 aspect ratio came about: old 4:3 movie theaters birthed 4:3 television sets which stopped people from going to 4:3 movie theaters.  4:3 movie theaters went widescreen to offer something different  than what was at home.  Off course now we have widescreen TVs in the home. “Simply … Continue reading