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I have been a filmmaker and photographer for over 40 years. Enjoy my movies, images and thoughts about the media.  From the Pacific Northwest, U.S. and beyond.

I have other sites @ halfmac.infofacebook, twitter and now here.

You can contact me: alan at frugalfilmmakers dot com

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  1. I totally agree! We need to have a coup and start an all new ratings system or NO RATINGS based on content.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Hi, Alan –

    I was told you were the official videographer for the WesterCon 65 Masquerade. By chance do you have DVD’s of the masquerade available?




    • halfmac says:

      Yes, I was the videographer of the masquerade.

      The Westercon 65 Masquerade is on DVD and Blu-Ray.

      They will be $15 for the DVD and $25 for Blu-Ray.

      A check can be sent to for either:

      Alan Halfhill • PO Box 312 • Carlsborg WA 98324-0312

  3. Dale says:

    Alan – thanks for your reviews and information on the Panasonic GH3 and their two zooms (12-35mm and 35-100mm). I plan an purchasing the GH3 as soon as it is available and not back ordered. I am somewhat in a quandary still on the lenses, but have several in mind on a seemingly growing list. I know the specific lens depend largely on the type of photography shooting one plans to use it for, so my question might seem a bit hard to answer. I thought I would start off with the Panasonic 12-35 and maybe add a prime like the Olympus 75mm, but was concerned about image stabilization missing on the Olympus.

    Two questions:

    If you were buying your first 4/3rds lenses for a GH3 and you wanted to buy good quality lenses for general / non-professional use what would be your order of purchase for your first few lenses?

    Would you suggest saving to buy the higher priced Panasonic 35-100mm over the highly rated Olympus 75mm, and would the image stabilization plus of course the added zoom capabilities be the choice makers?

    Thanks again,


    • halfmac says:

      I would recommend that you buy the Panasonic 35-100 mm lens over the highly rated Olympus 75mm for two reasons. The first is image stabilization. The second is that it is a zoom. The 35-100 has the advantage of many focal lengths thus more versatile. The 75 mm is a spectacular lens and only offers the advantage of one stop of light gathering capability. It is a trade-off and depends upon your photography style. A cheap alternative to the 75 mm is the 45 mm from Olympus. It is a very good lens as well and works very well for portraiture.

  4. Alan, I was taking photos with my new GH 3 in manual mode. As I would adjust aperture, shutter and ISO
    I could see real time feedback on my LCD. Then as I was taking photos and making adjustments something happened and I lost the real time feedback. I can no longer see the exposure changes on the LCD.
    I can see the exposure meter at the bottom but the image on the LCD does not change as I make shutter, aperture and ISO adjustments. In the movie mode the LCD is giving me real time feedback but not in photo mode. Have I inadvertently changed a setting ?

  5. Hi Alan, I live in seattle and I am a pro photographer and I just added wedding cinematography on my resume’ and I am thinking of getting the gh3 for wedding videography, so do think that I will do fine with the gh3 and will I get sharp images and nice colors? I wanted to buy nikon because the cameras I own are nikon but the maximum recording I can get is 20mins but I was told that you can record longer on the gh3!

    I thank you in advance!

  6. Michael Pepi says:

    Quick question on the handheld stabilizer. I am running a both a Sony NX70 and a Sony NX5. I’m guessing those wont fit on that rig. You think if we adjust the measurements and lengths it will work out or should I use something different.

    Thank you.

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