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Four Types of Final Cut Pro X People

I have taken a pause from this blog to focus on work and some upgrades to my gear including a new computer.  During this time I have done a lot of traveling and will be blogging about my adventures.

Screen shot Peak LimiterTo get things started I am reposting an article close to my heart from FCP.co

As many of you know I love Final Cut Pro X and do most of my work now in it.  For me it is the fastest and best editor out there.  I do fall into the first catagory of FCPX people.


They have put the hard work into FCPX. It is true to say that there is a ‘learning wall' with the NLE, not a curve, but they have got over it and can see FCPX's full potential. Just take a look at some of the great user stories on this site to see how FCPX works well in different production environments.”

Here is the full  article.  http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1288-the-four-types-of-final-cut-pro-x-people

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