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Bought the Nik Software Suite for Huge Discount


For those of you who do photography as well as motion pictures, Google has reduced the price of the entire Nik image software suite from $499 to just $149.  There are coupon codes allegedly giving further savingsIf you do purchase the collection enter the code DZISER at checkout for an additional 25% off.

If you purchased one of the programs recently they'll give you the rest for free.  This comes with an assurance from Google that the famous imaging tools aren't going to be abandoned (Google acquired Nik last fall—primarily, it was widely believed, to get Snapseed. That left the fate of the rest of Nik's products not in limbo but in doubt.)

The present offer includes Nik's famous Sharpener (the latest Pro 3 version). Nik software is prized by a great many photographers and post-processing ninjas.  The download process is efficient and quick and loads right into your applicable programs.

To see more go to the opening page of the Nik Software site or just Google “Nik software.”


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