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Photog Denied Park Permit Because His Mirrorless Camera Lacks a Mirror – PetaPixel

I read a rather silly article over at PetaPixelPhotog Denied Park Permit Because His Mirrorless Camera Lacks a Mirror.  Having gone mirrorless since last December with the GH2, I took offense at this nitwit in charge at a Navajo Tribal Park, Antelope Canyon. I got miffed when I was not allowed to take my Olympus E-3 with a old Tamron 300 f/2.8 into so called public stadium called SafeCo field.  It is a private team that plays there so I guess they have the right to rule who shoots there.  They told me I looked to professional with my big lens.  I guess the Navajo's got it in reverse.

The photographer, Gordon Laing, the founder of Cameralabs, found out the hard way that you should not bring a mirrorless camera there if you want to be treated as a professional.  He was using a Panasonic GX-1.  Only professionals are allowed to go and shoot unescorted.  Never mind according to wikipedia.org, “Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest.”  He said when he had been there before he had bigger camera with mirror.  To see if he was a professional the goon asked hime if his camera had a mirror.

I guess most places don't realize that our mirrorless cameras are just as good as our mirrored brethren.  May be this is a good thing for must situations as in stealth.  I hate permits anyway because I take pictures or video anyways. (with or without permission)

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