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Photography Restrictions

PopPhoto.com is reporting that specific guidelines for amateur photographers at the London (Olympic) Games have been announced. The maximum permissible lens length is 30 cm (about 11.8 inches), and “large cameras,” tripods, and monopods won't be permitted (along with golf umbrellas, clothing emblazened with political statements, and—thank you, Olympic Police—vuvuzelas).”

A few years ago I tried going to a Seattle Mariners game with an Olympus E-3 and an old used Tamron SP 300mm f2.8 lens that I just bought on eBay.  They would not let me in with the lens saying that it was to big and too long.  They said that the professional photographers were complaining about us amateur's competing with them.  I had walked from the ferry dock so I could not put the lens in my car.  I used to take my Tamron Sp350mm mirror lens with no problems.  This was news to me.

So what did I do after getting very discussed with this?  I gave the tickets away and left.  They lost a loyal fan that day and I have not been back.  I have not watched them on TV either.  I finally realized It was not about the fans anymore.  We (the public) helped pay for that stadium but we had no rights.  A private concern had all the rights.  We were just pawns in the game, so it did not matter that I supported the team.  All “Professional” sports are about one thing, money.  With their “high priced whiners” (ball players) they can take it elsewhere for all I care.

One thing I like about the m43rd's gear is that it is small.  It is a lot more stealth than my old Canon gear.  I have never gotten permission or a permit to shoot so I was not about to start now.

I could now show up with my m43rd's outfit and probably get past the goons at the gate.  But Why?

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