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Parading GH2 in FCPX

I have been busy with my GH2 lately with videos of my local area. Last week end was the Sequim 117th Irrigation Festival. I used my GH2 to shoot the Fireworks on Friday and the Grand Parade on Saturday. Both vids were edited in FCPX. I am getting quite used to FCPX am starting to like it. In the parade I used a couple of effects from Noise Industries development partner SUGARfx which introduces Punchline for FCPX. I will be reviewing it soon.

The parade is the longest video I have edited in FCPX and I can say it handled it well. I just imported the footage from my cards and started editing. No transcoding.

Here are the videos on YouTube.

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One Response to Parading GH2 in FCPX

  1. FCP Effects says:

    Final Cut Pro X is superior to what the majority of people provide it credit for!