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Frugal Buys The Panasonic GH2

Many of you will be wondering why I am blogging about the Panasonic GH2 as I have used the Canon 60D. Well, we bought the GH2. Been testing it for weeks. I wanted to try it at NAB but it is sold by the consumer division of Panasonic and they were not at the show. So I finally saw one at a local camera show. I like it very much and it makes a very frugal buy. They are currently in stock on Sale many online sites.

Why do I like the GH2 over my Canon 60D? It has an electronic viewfinder! This big, very big. I can hold up the camera to my eye and shoot video with no rigs whatsoever. Not even my beloved L-Finder. Less moire and ailising. Stereo built-in mic. Mic level in the viewfinder. No mirror to vibrate still photos. I even shoot with the LCD closed and just check with the finder. Smaller size for a more stealth look. Even when working in Hollywood, I have never gotten a shooting permit and am not about to start now. The GH2 has a HD tele-extender mode that I will demo later.

Will I keep my 60D? I don't know yet. It has been a great camera that I can highly recommend. But, after seeing the Canon C300 announcement, they chose the expensive route for doing video, unlike Panasonic who with the AF100 made their first large sensor video camera at a reasonable cost. Also the GH2 is not limited like the Canon HDLRS in it's capabilities.

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