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JuicedLink’s Robert on Audio Part #1 from Oliviatech

This is part #1 from Olivia of Olivatech.com chats with audio engineer Robert from JuicedLink to talk a little bit about audio for video. This is very informative. In the second part of this series, Robert will talk about HDSLR audio pre-amp noise, external audio recorders, and options to get best audio without Syncing (you don't need to do that) in post. Since HDSLRs have notoriously poor audio quality if used the wrong way, Juicedlink has a number of popular products for HDSLRs and SLEs like the DT454 and DS214 which can be seen on the JuicedLink website (click here). I have the DT454 and swear by it, not at it. All the audio that I have done with Canon HDSLRs have done with it. I have never used double system for my audio. NO Syncing.

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