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Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter for the Canon 5Dmk2

Now I don't have a 5Dmk2. This is something I would like for my 60D. It works.

Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter for the Canon 5Dmk2 from Glenn Przyborski on Vimeo.

Director/cinematographer Glenn Przyborski describes the VAF-5D2 optical filter and details its installation and removal from the Canon 5D Mk2 camera. Przyborski also clarifies aliasing and moiré pattern interference and shows examples of each. Anyone interested in this unique optical solution for the Canon 5D Mk2 should screen this short presentation.

Note that original Canon camera files and 1920×1080 H.264 versions of various test videos are available for download and evaluation at: przyborski.com/​mosaic_downloads.html

Mosaic Engineering's website: mosaicengineering.com/​

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One Response to Optical Anti-Aliasing Filter for the Canon 5Dmk2

  1. halfmac says:

    john paget says:
    August 20, 2011 at 5:58 pm (UTC -7)

    Thanks for the info – very interesting.
    Still wondering about the trade-offs: (1) cannot use on 24mm or wider lenses. I use a 16-35mm and a 24mm lens quite a bit. (2) zoom lenses do not hold focus. OK for set pieces but makes doc shooting tougher.

    Alan says:
    He just did a test with his 24-70 and did not see a problem. I have not found Canon lenses to hold focus through the zoom anyways. They are more like variable focal length lenses.