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Does Image Stabilization work when shooting movies?

Does Image Stabilization work when shooting movies? This question was asked on DV.net.

Yes, I wish more lenses had it. All this excitement over primes and none except the EF 100 Macro has it. Canon needs to turn the EF 24-70 f2.8 into an IS lens. I have the EF 24-105 f4 IS for that reason alone.

IS is one of the best inventions for video shooting. My use of it goes back to Sony's TR-101 Hi8 camera. I got shots with that camera I could not get with my Betacam.

Now with HDSLR's it is essential to have IS lenses because of the CMOS rolling shutter. I have had to edit a few videos where rolling shutter ruined shots I needed because the camera was handheld. This would not have been a problem with IS. I turn the IS on and it goes away.

I usually use my Canon 60D with out a rig for hand held. All of my reports from NAB for this site were done with the 24-105 with IS turned on. I also handhold my EF 70-200 f4 IS as well.

Also when using the 640×480 crop mode in the 60D IS is a great help because the image is so magnified. This was shot on a heavy DV6 Satchler tripod.

Here I am with my handheld rig. The camera is mounted on a CamCaddie which I brace against my body. I also have a Hoodman Loupe on my flipout LCD on my 60D.

@ Hoodman Booth 3

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