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Final Cut Pro X – The Beginning of the End for Apple?

Here is an article from the 95ers.com

“Within hours of the release of FCP X, all of the producers where I work were ready to go Adobe, and one was even pondering a return to Avid. My tech-prophesying mind tells me that this advent will lead Apple to its downfall.Huh? One little program? One little market segment causing the downfall of today’s tech kingpin? Yes indeed, says I. (There’s no proof of this and nobody believes me… but LONG AGO I did actually predict things like Netflix and the iPhone itself (as a pocket-sized mobile phone, computer, and media center the entire face of which would be a touch-screen piece of glass, etc. But never mind all that.)

The summary is this. FCP X is a great program, but not a pro tool. This is a major shift and is the final nail in the coffin of Apple’s old business strategy. In the opinion of this opinion-holder, Apple is officially steering away from it’s core customers: creative professionals who have been Apple’s gold mines and ambassadors for decades, through thick and thin. But, you say, Apple’s frolicking in greener pastures making money hand over fist selling iPhones. Yes, but today’s customers don’t love Apple, they love what Apple gives them. And when a better deal comes along, and it will, they will bolt.”

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