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Camera Lens Cap Holder

If you own a SLR or DSLR camera this is something you have wanted. How may lens caps have you lost? The patent pending lens cap holder allows you to securely attach a camera's lens cap to your neck strap or camera bag.

The holder is a simple part that has a circular recess which allows a lens cap to be attached with a friction fit, in the same fashion as attaching the cap to the lens. Just press the release mechanism already in your lens cap and engage or disengage with the lens cap holder. The holder includes a buckle for attachment to the camera's neck strap. The design does not require any modification to the camera or lens cap.

I just donated to this project. You should too. It is a cleaver idea. Please go to their website.
Camera Lens Cap Holder

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One Response to Camera Lens Cap Holder

  1. linda says:

    One for each lens cap size? Sounds crowded . . . perhaps I’ll just keep shoving my lens cap into my bra, lol