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3-D Starts to Fizzle, and Hollywood Frets

This is an article by The New York Times.

“Ripples of fear spread across Hollywood last week after “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” which cost Walt Disney Studios an estimated $400 million to make and market, did poor 3-D business in North America. While event movies have typically done 60 percent of their business in 3-D, “Stranger Tides” sold just 47 percent in 3-D. “The American consumer is rejecting 3-D,” Richard Greenfield, an analyst at the financial services company BTIG, wrote of the “Stranger Tides” results.”

The gimmick is showing it true face. This is good for story tellers, maybe they can work on coming up with better stories and less on budgets and gimmicks. But then Hollywood has always been gimmicks.

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One Response to 3-D Starts to Fizzle, and Hollywood Frets

  1. James says:

    I bet that makes you happy. 3D had a good run for a year.