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Halfmac.info Blog has moved to frugalfilmmakers.com

Halfmac.info Blog has moved to frugalfilmmakers.com
This is the right place!
All future posts about filmmaking and photography have moved to frugalfilmmakers.com. We started this blog to feature exciting developments in those fields. Things are changing fast with HDSLR's, SLE's or mirrorless cameras and large sensor video cameras. Computers are moving quickly as well. We try to keep up and find bargains along the way. It is a brave new world and very exciting.
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2 Responses to Halfmac.info Blog has moved to frugalfilmmakers.com

  1. Hello Allan

    Remember me from long ago. I too am a frugal filmmaker and video is one of my services offered under my company ‘WCSB Services, Inc.” which, for the record, was the name of my S Corporation when we knew each other at 10th church and USC in Los Angeles a zillion years ago.

    The video services of WCSB is itself incorporated under “Digital Wizards & Magic, Inc.” and video tapes events such as conferences, weddings, legal depositions, and creates interactive training programs and course material. We shoot with multiple cameras and now often either 720p or 1080p mastered on Blu-Ray. We still do a majority of our work in standard 4:3 digital because most client in our area use that. We have also shot a few TV commercials and more web commercials.

    I use Final Cut Pro 7, Photoshop, and am a File Maker Pro developer. My Macintosh editing systems are fairly antiquated 17 ” Intel MacBook Pros connected to Samsung 32″ 1080p displays. I look forward to the iPad2 and have one iPhone4 which my fiancé uses. I use the Adobe Premere Suite on my Windows 7 17″ laptop which has another Samsung 32″ HDTV monitor connected thru HDMI port. I am more experienced with FinalCut Pro 7 than Adobe but have deliberately edited the same production with titles and effects in FinalCut Pro 7, Adobe Premere. and iMove 11 which I was impressed with.

    I have no experience with Thunderbolt an mostly use Firewire 800 and eSata?

    I live in Daphne Alabama and travel often. I would love to subscribe to your blog and have an iChat and SKYPE accounts. I am not yet experienced with FaceTime but look forward to it. Tell me about you, your wife, and any partners or associates, or anything else.

    Just wanted to say hello.

    William C. Case (Bill)

    • halfmac says:

      Thanks Bill for the lovely update. I do remember you very well.

      I am trying to figure out how to ad a subscription box. My old blog had one. I would love to connect.

      One of the mainstays of frugal filmmaking is Final Cut. It may seem expensive to some but for a full featured video editor, it is not.

      I mainly do High Definition work now with my Canon 60D, mostly corporate, educational and commercial work. These projects are done in a documentary style. To me the main thing in my work is to tell a story well.