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Why the future of video is the DSLR form factor

I just posted this to an article on EOS HD. It was about the form factors of HDSLR's vs Video cameras.  I agree for the most part.

This is what I wrote:

Long Live The HDSLR. I don't use all that extra rigs and gear on my Canon 60D. Just did a professional shoot with my 60D with a JuicedLink 454 on the bottom for audio. I mount my Hoodman Hoodloupe on the swivel LCD. (http://halfmac.wordpress.com/2…/) I am ready to go. I have headphone monitoring, XLR's and a video style viewfinder for $500. I Then mount a wireless receiver on the hot shoe of the camera if I am doing interviews.

My secret to handheld? IS lenses. Solves most of the rolling shutter problem and gives me a steady shot. Small lightweight kit. If I have to do a lot of handheld I use a very inexpensive shoulder brace that cost less than $100.

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One Response to Why the future of video is the DSLR form factor

  1. kindal says:

    waiting for a future generation to arrive. The inherent is truly there for this engine, but based on my current folder of tech engines (laptop, desktop, iphone, itouch) i’m not determined this device quite justifies the expense at this time for me.