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Can glasses free 3D viewing increase consumer appeal for 3D and take up of 3DTV sets.

About 10 percent of the population don't see 3D including me. I wish 3D would go away like many gimmicks that it is as it did before. The nice thing about not seeing 3D is that I don't have to spend more money at the Cinema or for other devices that include it including TV's. The bad part is that some cinemas are only showing movies in 3D so I won't see them until the 2D version is available. I did not see “Shrek 4” because it was only in 3D, so I went and saw “How to Train Your Dragonwhich was downgraded to 2D because the theatre did not have enough 3D screens. I think I saw the better movie.

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2 Responses to Can glasses free 3D viewing increase consumer appeal for 3D and take up of 3DTV sets.

  1. William Case says:

    In reference to 3D: well…. I don’t know if I agree; I think 3D is here to stay for certain venues. I for one have had a grand time watching it in theaters and one a test ‘preview’ of an ESPN Sports Football test. I can foresee a slow but growing popularity of large screen (52″ to 64″) LED wall panels with 1080p or better Sports, Travel, Nature, and Educational-Entertainment venues such as a 3-D “Connections” series such as the old 1980s series with James Burke. There is 3-D gaming and simulations. I can dream of taking a 3-D tour of the Amazon or the Pyramids with 5 or 7 channel surround. Education is exploding with internet courses that are much more interesting with the possibility of 3-D training and interactive feedback. There could also be 3-D iChat or Facetime if the bandwidth problem be solved. Toshiba has/ is developing a 3-D without glasses. Who knows where the future is heading — but I think it will be fun. A 3-D iPad — that could be exciting! Go Alan!

  2. ip camera says:

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